Grand Slam Tennis Academy

02 9659 6599

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02 9659 6599

0402 845845

Term Dates: Each term coincides with NSW Public School Calendar. Term 1: 29-Jan-2018 to 13-Apr-2018. 


A new meaning is given to tennis coaching by Grand Slam Tennis Academy. You learn tennis personally from one of the country’s proven top coaches.

For optimum stroke production, good technique is a must. The experienced player and the beginner who build on good technique will continue to improve.

Frank’s speciality in teaching is to teach the best technique in each stroke at different levels for further progression towards professional standards.

Grand Slam’s coaching is entirely based on individual skill for optimum success. Competitive or social players can expect:

  • good biomechanics on basic and advanced strokes
  • court positioning for singles and doubles
  • anticipation, split steps, recovery steps, and other footwork types for different strokes
  • on-going assessment of progress, stroke technique, agility and footwork
  • tactics for singles and doubles match play at all player standards
  • guidance with stretching, strengthening and fitness programs
  • choosing the right equipment and its proper care
  • assistance with mental conditioning for those in competition
  • nutrition and what to eat during competition

The Academy caters for people of all ages and ability. If you have always wanted to have a game of tennis but don’t know how to start them come along and talk to Frank. If you are already a competition player then Frank will take you to even greater achievements.

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Grand Slam Tennis Academy